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I grew up in a family of artists—painters, musicians, furniture makers, chefs, and writers. The entrepreneurial spirit runs strong in our genes. It was no surprise, then, that I married a Renaissance man, talented in visual arts and music. We are living a creative life.

I was also fortunate to grow up with some great cooks around me—my grandmother, my mother, my stepmother, and our housekeeper. I learned something from each of them about cooking that still influences me to this very day. Most of all, I learned that cooking for others is a loving act.

So, whenever I read a book that includes elements of creativity like cooking or decorating or music, I am happy. I can relate. Like the great Kay Scarpetta mysteries that sometimes include actual recipes. Or when I read a book about a character that makes a living without relying on an employer. That makes me happy, too. As a long-time employee, I like that idea. I think a lot of people like that idea.

love weaver cover final copyLife’s journey has introduced me to people in many walks of life. What I have found in common with everyone is that they all have a way of expressing creativity. It might be in baking made-from-scratch cakes; it might be working on cars; it might be in photography; it could be in how they care for their children. The spark is there, in us all.

I have spent my career as a writer and editor. And one day, I thought, I’m going to write the book that I want to read. The idea began to tumble around in my mind. I already loved romance novels, but wanted to add an element that would always be in my novels. That’s when I decided to write love stories about creative and free spirits. Because all of us have creativity; all of us have a free spirit, manifesting itself in our cooking and gardening, in how we decorate our homes, in how we make our living, in how we love the people and pets in our lives.

I started to write Love Weaver, drawing on a time when I actually was a weaver. I didn’t know when I started the book where it would take me. It sort of wrote itself as I explored creativity and the issues that people have when they fall in love, issues that might be unknown to them but make their way into the relationship anyway.

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